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From Doug.  

Your baby is a real little gorgeous man now.

Your Miss Molly makes beautiful babies.

We have the perfect little dog. I'm sure we got the pick of the litter

Our special boy is just so smart and cute.

Miss Molly's beautiful boy is sure growing.

From Alan & Lynn  

On arrival

Had chicken for lunch and now a nap after a play.

Our precious Bella.

She's delicious! So spoilt.

She chewed Mandy's bow off

I love my new bed

Hi Loraine, thought you’d like to see Senge going for his first ride in a kayak. We bought him a water vest and he loved the fact that he could float! He was a bit hesitant at first on the kayak but Senge being Senge it didn’t take him long to be standing up on the bow like he was the captain of the ship.

Scott & Trish

Hi Lorraine & Abe

Here are some photos of the boys as they were growing up, mainly of Senge, but I couldn’t choose so I gave you a few that you can choose from. Looking at these pics makes me realise how quick they grew up.

I think Lhasa’s are a perfect breed, they’re just fluffy human beings in my mind and get treated that way.

I should explain the pic of Tashi with the beany on was last years state of origin...GO THE BLUES!!


Scott & Trish

Good morning Loraine and Abe,


Just thought we would send you some photos of gorgeous Chase and fill you in on how he has settled in.


He was a little upset his first night and called for his siblings all afternoon/evening until I found him a big cuddly
teddy. I completely forgot to bring one along with us when we picked him up so we could have got the scent of his
mum and siblings. He has really taken to the teddy now though and it has his best mate and he cuddles up with it
all the time.


He settled a lot more yesterday and followed me around the house all day and helped me with the vacuuming yesterday afternoon. Surprisingly he loved the vacuum cleaner. He went to bed without a problem last night and slept until little Joe woke him with crying at 3am. He gets very worried when Joe cries.


He has been doing really well with his toileting and only had one little mishap in the house yesterday. 


He met our neighbors little dog yesterday which was exciting for both and completely wore out little Chase. 


We are just soooo happy with him. He is such a confident little pup and has such a beautiful nature. He does so many little moves that remind us with Chadd (and brought Liv to tears Sunday night). We are so very thankful to you guys!



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